Our aim is to help address the UN SDG Goal 2 of Zero Hunger – end hunger; activate food security and approved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture.

To this end we provide services and consult for activities as well as products along the value chain of the agribusiness.

These includes Agri inputs for farming such as:

  • The safe use of the right fertilizers and appropriate applications;
  • Recommendation of reliable seeds for farming and;
  • Mechanized agriculture implements required for on-farm production and postproduction processes of food crops.

The objective is to improve on the yield of safe and healthy farm produce by employing best practices such as Good Agriculture Practice addressing the challenges posed thereof.

This we are confident is a constructive way to initiate economic development, transformative growth and a dependable route out of absolute and relative poverty.

We are also engaged in supply of quality local granulated salt direct from the sea for all needs.

As a driver of Good Agricultural Practice, we promote agribusiness solutions that utilize sustainable methods that increase productivity taking into account economic, social and environmental sustainability.

Mineral Exploration


We offer superior consultancy services at all levels of the full mineral exploration curve: from selection of prospective area, to license acquisition to field work such as in soil geochemical sampling to auger, RAB, RC and Diamond drilling programmes.

Ask for our 125% value proposition for your project.

Prospecting License Acquisition

We use our expertise to assist you to chose the most prospective areas. We further use our network to help facilitate the license acquisition process for you. We also provide services in due diligence, field visits, concession assessment and facilitate asset transfer documentation.

Systematic Exploration 

Our forte is in the field, where we are very proficient because our core business is in exploration. We save you money by rigorously executing the systematic exploration protocols, there by engendering progressive and apt confidence in your property to warrant further capital investment.

We provide advice on appropriate sampling and assay techniques and programme planning, as well as data interpretation and modeling.

We offer project management in geochemical sampling, target generation, trenching excavation, auger, RAB, RC and Diamond drilling programmes.


We also offer In-house training in the interpretation of multi-element geochemistry data for exploration and production geologists using the clients own data is a regular part of our business.


We provide mining and near mine Consultancy services too. We help you to fully capture the prevailing geology in order to improve your mine call factor.

As Mining Contractors, we also provide services in Feasibility Studies, Mine Development and Mine Planning.

Project Management 

We also offer project management services for any extractive industry project undertaking

Internet of Things

Our IT Consultancy and Infrastructure focuses on providing solutions to individuals and firms for cloud and online services. We deploy corporates emails for clients using Google Workspace, Microsoft Office 365 and traditional Webmail. Raziela also promotes the digitization agenda by enabling business to have an online presence via ecommerce enabled websites, digital marketing tools, such as social media, email marketing, and search engine optimization.

We also provide web-hosting and web design services to serve the needs of clients. Our technical team also provides IT infrastructure setup such as WAN, VPN, Network setup, etc.